Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Geostring - Claim Free Money

today i've join another program that will gain extra income.. terpengaruh dengan one of blogger yang i kenal aiin abdullah yang kiut. ape yang bestnye program ni, no registeration fee at all. you will be paid once you register.. if $10 convert to RM it will be RM 40.. kan ke banyak paid for free

How it works?

GeoString pays you for each person you refer, and each person they refer!
This trend takes place through 10 full levels of referrals with unlimited width.
Your FREE income potential with GeoString is unlimited and with no costs to you!

Easy right? you can cash out your money when its amount is $ 100 (RM 400)..gile la... but, make sure you sign up using other emails n not yahoo mail.. i don't know why.. boleh guna gmail ke ape2 alternatif lain.. okey, i dah join.. you all? bile lagi?

kalo ade ape-ape, boleh la visit


Unknown said...

good info...nak try la

eikasyaza said...

sila2..xrugi je..hehe

Pena Crystal said...

hoho..boley dicuba neh.:)

Ken Wooi said...

tell us if you successfully get the money =)

eikasyaza said... prob..i'll tell ya