Tuesday, November 23, 2010

“Stop Child Abuse”

Let us


From Wikipedia :

~Child abuse~

"Child abuse is the physical or psychological/emotional mistreatment of children. In the United States, the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) define child maltreatment as any act or series of acts of commission or omission by a parent or other caregiver that results in harm, potential for harm, or threat of harm to a child.[6] Most child abuse occurs in a child's home, with a smaller amount occurring in the organizations, schools or communities the child interacts with. There are four major categories of child abuse: neglect, physical abuse, psychological/emotional abuse, and sexual abuse"

"Stop Child Abuse" is an interesting topic to be talk about because the statistics of child abuse will not stop encreasing and yes it is obviously WRONG!!!. Not only in Malaysia, but also other countries. Almost everyday we can read it on papers or watch on tv this topics that shows us news about all cute and innocent child that being abused. I'm Muslim with Malaysian nationality and i care about this cruel cases which is related to child. I was called to talk about this topic because i care about them so much and i hate child abuse

I've been married for almost 2 years and until now i pray always to Him everyday for giving me an opportunity to have a child from my own fresh tomb. I promised to Him that i will love them with all my heart because to me childrens are the most wonderful gift that is given to us. I always think why if someone want a baby, he/she doesn't get it, but those who doesn't want, they easily have it.. But i admit and convince myself by saying
"If Allah says yes, then it is. If Allah says no, then it's OK"

i'm getting angry when every time i read about a child getting abuse. No matter by physical or mentally abuse. Some gos raped, hitted, murdered and any other kind of abused way. As for example, do you guys remember her???

Syafia Humaira Sahari

She is just three years old but killed by her mother's boyfriend by kicking dan step on her stomach. Pity her. I never imagine that someone would done that things.

Her mother still doesn't learn anything for what had happend

And another example :

Now, what we can do to help those innocent child???
~we can get ourselves "busy-body". by doing that we will always alert what happend to the children of our neighbours. and if we found something suspicious that brings to the signs of abusement, go and report to the police
~ School is the best place for children. They have to alert if anything wrong with their student as absence for many times, silence, can't concentrate while studying and many more.
~ please people, if you know anything related to this, please take action. I'm begging you all....
~ to parents
please do not leave your children alone with someone they don't feel safe with especially one who has already hurt the child or children.

Because, child abusement may left so much effect to them
include aggression and behavioural problem, emotional disturbances, self-destructive, interpersonal relationship difficulties, psychological effects, depression, listlessness, muscular tics and phobias.

It was pointed out that many parents believe that the punishments they give out to their children are acceptable and appropriate. They may have taught their children that these punishments are for their own good and therefore deemed necessary. The children, in turn, may not believe that they are being abused. However, many of these same children will grow up to abuse their own children, believing that their action is right. "Abused children will definitely grow up to be abusers"

As for me, i really hope that all kinds of child abuse will stop whether physical or mental abuse especially that brings them to death or injury.

So, please....




suria lekatlekit said...

Pasal Humairah tu memang rasa geram juga bila Mak dia sanggup kuarkan statement masih sayangkan pembunuh anaknya.. Bleh di terima kalau dia cakap sudah maafkan sebabnya kita sesama manusia memang di galakkan maaf memaafi.. tp SAYANG tu nampaknya melebihi dia sayangkan anaknya sendiri

oya said...

mmg sakit hati jer kan org yg dera tuh..

eikasyaza said...

tu la... mcm xde perasaan je mak dia tu kan... darah daging sendiri kena bunuh terang-terangan, tp still xsedar lg...

syazana amira said...

orang yang dera tuh x pernah pikirkan masa depan dia.. tuh sebab dia wat cmtu

. said...

kiamat makin hampir kan? :)

Asri Alam said...

cis, mak apa tu? agaknya tiada naluri keibuan. video tu rasa mcm aku nak datang terjang orang gaji tu. celaka betul

fara said...

ye lah kan.
anak2 ni amanah dr tuhan.
mesti dijaga dgn baek...