Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebrities Who Stink

For week 13 (b), i have to blog about which celebrities i think need deodorant. Hehe. Quite hard to say but i have to.. And the winners are....


Don't get offended! You could be hyper-hygienic and you'd still ooze odors ? Maybe because they are actor and actress that always involved in action film or movie. So, when they finished the action part, they obviously gonna get sweat. Deodorant is important for them to remove the stink. They will meet their fans either and they won't clean themself immedietly. So, the deodorant will help them. Yuukkss, i also won't get near them if they are stinky. Angelina also involved in Humanity Program that make her travel and visit poor people. Another point for the to get stink because she is busy and only can take a bath once a day.. Its just maybe.. Enough to say, being celebrties is very big responsibilty. You have to work hard to take of your performances and appearance. Believe me, stink odor is important think to take care of..

So, please Brangelina.. Use this! Even when you guys on action, there's no problem for stinky matter.. The only solution for true.. I've used it and its suits me.. Fresh all day long..

While reading, lets watch latest episode of project alpha 2..

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Syafiq Kadiran said...

igt angelina jolie ngn brad pitt yang berbau tadi...

mizzura said...

ala...ramai betul cakap brad pitt T___T

eikasyaza said...

ehehe...mmg diorg bucuk kot..lalala..mati kene saman pasni